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April 2019 Newsletter

Spring Term Newsletter

We are fast approaching the end of the Spring term, and as always the school is a hive of activity.  We have seen a number of pupils taking part in visits this term, to enrich their learning and add to the curriculum.  This is central to our teaching at Four Swannes and I know that during the summer term, we shall continue to review and update our curriculum to meet the needs and interests of our pupils.


As a school we understand that time is precious and that homework can at times be a stress point for all involved.  We believe that pupils can best be supported at home by reading with them regularly, practicing spellings and getting to grips with multiplication tables.  Consequently we have decided to pause the weekly setting of homework, and would encourage  everyone to support their child by following the above. All pupils have access to  their own Mathletics account, which can access games and activities to support and develop their mathematical understanding.


As within any organization, at times people leave, and I am sorry to inform you that Mrs Howsen-Jones will be leaving us at the end of term.  She will be truly missed. She has been a huge part of Early Years and a key person in many pupils lives as they embark on their educational career.  I am sure you will echo my sentiments and wish her the very best for the future.



We are extremely proud to share with you our new website.  It has been completely redesigned and all year groups have been given access to update content and show what a vibrant community we are.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let us know.


Tea with the Governors

During the summer term, we would like to raise the profile of our Governing Body, and shall be giving our School Council a chance to meet them and hold a question and answer session.  Parents of the School Councils representatives, will be most welcome to observe the session and then meet the Governors personally afterwards with a cup of tea. 


Likewise should you be interested in becoming a Parent Governor and would like to know a little more about the vital role, please leave your name and contact number at the school office.  If you would like to discuss the role with a current Governor, this can also be arranged.


Collection at the End of School Day

We are considering reviewing the end of day arrangements, and allowing parents to collect their child from the playground areas linked to their classroom.  This change would allow staff to dismiss the child, once eye contact has been made with the parent / known adult.  Needless to say, your support and coopration will be needed to establish this new routine.  And the usual codes of conduct apply. 


Diary Dates


End of Spring Term – Friday 5th April , School will finish at 1.30pm


Summer Term begins – Tuesday 23rd April, at 8.45am.


SAT’s week – 13th-16th May


Inset Day – 24th May

Half-term  - Monday 27th-31st May.


End of term – Friday 19th July, School will finish at 1.30pm