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Headteacher Update - Coronavirus - School Closure

Please read the following communication from Mrs Jones for detail on the school's position with regard to the latest government information on Covid-19.


Dear Parent/Carer,

Re: Coronavirus/School closures

As you will be aware from the Prime Ministers speech last evening, all schools are to be shut tomorrow. Therefore, in compliance with government instructions, Four Swannes Primary School will be closed from 3.15pm Friday 20th March 2020.

The government has indicated a need for the schooling of the children for key workers only. At present, I am awaiting further clarification of what this means. If you are a key worker and intend sending your child to school then can you please indicate this by email to the office at:

I will be completely transparent with you. At present three staff are self-isolating with Coronavirus symptoms. As there is no testing currently available to them, it is impossible to say whether they have it or not. Two teachers are in the vulnerable group category so are unable to come into school. Several staff have vulnerable adults in their households. A number of parents and children are also self-isolating. On a practical level we are running out of essentials, such as hand sanitiser, which is proving impossible to purchase.

If we are requested to open to key worker children only it will be difficult to accurately predict how this would work, particularly as staff self-isolate. They could be supervised by various teachers or support staff in mixed age classes. Alternatively they could be required to attend a different school. It would need to be a day to day assessment. I will update on this as I gain further information.

As you can appreciate this situation is completely unknown to us all. I have told staff to have fun with their classes today and tomorrow. They are also doing their best to reassure children.

From today we will be mainly communicating to parents/ carers through our website. I am sure you are following the daily briefings by the Prime Minister and when he gives us the authority we will reopen.

I want to thank all staff for their professionalism and care of your children. They are working tirelessly in what you will agree is an extremely difficult situation.

I wish you and all your family good health and look forward to seeing you all again when this is all over.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J. Jones

Head teacher