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Message from Mrs Jones - Headteacher

Friday 25th September

Message from the Head teacher


Dear Parent/Carer,

First of all I would like to thank all Parents/carers for their understanding and support since the children have returned to school just a little over three weeks ago.  It has been lovely to see the children smiling at the school gate eager to reengage with their learning. From the questionnaires we have undertaken we can see that they have felt confident in returning to school, especially positive are the areas around seeing friends, mixing (albeit in bubbles!) with others and seeing their teacher.  The atmosphere around school has been one of a calm settled nature and both teachers and pupils are working hard to deliver the education that they so richly deserve.

Unfortunately, we are still in the midst of this pandemic and all that entails. Rest assured I will do everything in my power to keep the school open. However, there may be times when certain class bubbles may need to close due to staffing or most frustratingly, awaiting test results. We will endeavour to keep parents as fully informed as soon as possible. That is why we have initiated a school App as our main form of communication (Mr Moore will post details of that). This will replace all paper letters and provide a safe, quick means of contact.

Please feel free to comments or make suggestions. I shall be reviewing the current school risk assessment and procedures next week and would welcome any thoughts you might have.

I wish you all a safe, enjoyable weekend.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs J. Jones

Head teacher