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Mrs Jones' statement regarding plans for the school opening on 1st June

Dear Parent/ Carer,


Re: Covid 19 update


Following on from my last update on the possibility of the school opening up to more pupils from certain year groups, on or after 1st June 2020. As I write it still seems the government ‘s intention that schools will be asked to open to YN, YR, Y1 and Y6 pupils albeit at a reduced number I.e. no more than 15. You will be aware that this has garnered a lot of media attention and lots of debate. You will no doubt have your own opinion on children returning to school.

 I want be completely honest with you as to what this might mean for Four Swannes. IF and it’s a big if more children return to school it will be school but not as you or your children have previously known it. There will have to be strict routines in place. Separation of classes and pupils within classes. Staggered arrival and collection of pupils. No assemblies, whole school activities or playtime. Each class will have a time tabled play and lunch so that they don’t meet with other pupils. There will be signage on doors and floors to reduce contact and movement of pupils. Children will not be allowed to sit next to each other or move in classrooms. This is just a taster of the sorts of things we have been addressing as we seek to  adapt to the measures the government is asking us to take. We will, of course, do all that we can to limit the risk of catching the Coronavirus in our school. Despite this the one thing I cannot 100% guarantee to you as parents/ careers is that all pupils will be able to socially distance at all times. Young children are used to having free access to their teacher, staff and friends. They will forget no matter how much we tell them. There will be a limit to what toys and resources that can be used in the Early years. They will not be allowed to sit on the carpet, indeed there will be no mats for them to sit down as they will have to be removed alongside any soft furnishings.

I have tried to lay out the position as clearly as I can to you. Like all my colleagues in the education sector I desperately want to see all pupils back at school, happy, healthy and safe.I am not a scientist, economist or politician. I am an educationalist with 30 years experience in education and this whole new way of teaching will need some adjusting to if the government does insist on this pathway.

I wish you and your families all the very best. Please feel free to share your opinions via the school email system. Governors are meeting virtually this week and would value your thoughts.

Other information can be accessed on

Stay safe

Mrs J Jones

Head teacher