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New Breakfast Club

Good afternoon


Over the last few months, the leadership team and governing body of Four Swannes have been discussing a wide range of changes that we would like to implement to both support our families and bring the community closer together. There are lots of exciting things to come, including summer fêtes, coffee mornings and cinema nights, to name but a few.


One of the key aspects of change that will be happening is to offer wraparound care. This would mean that Four Swannes school will offer a breakfast club, an afterschool club and in the new academic year (2022/2023) 30 hours nursery provision. My intention is to start the breakfast club as soon as possible with the afterschool club coming in the summer term. However, for this to happen, it is essential that those parents/guardians that are interested in the breakfast club register their interest with the school at


There will be two possible start times, one of 7:30am and the other 8am. The children who attend will have the option of breakfast which will consist of cereals, toast and possibly fruit. This will also include either fruit juice or water.


There are two separate costs:

7:30am                 £6 p/day

8:00am                 £4 p/day


As an example, if you booked your child in to attend breakfast club on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30am, it would cost £18.


If you booked your child in for every day of the week, starting at 8:00am, it would cost £20.


These amounts will cover the costs of the staff and resources required to run the breakfast club efficiently and appropriately.


We are now at the stage where we really need to know how many families would like to use this new facility of an earlier start to the school day. It is important that we have a good idea of numbers to see if there is a need for the breakfast club to go ahead. As mentioned earlier, I would ask that if you would like to sign up for our breakfast club, please contact Ms O’Connor, giving your name and your child’s/children’s name/s. Please include in your message which days/sessions you would like.


We will close applications for places on Friday 4th February.


Kind regards

Mr Moore