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PE News - Autumn 2021

Welcome to Four Swannes Autumn Term Physical Education News.


Covid has had a huge impact on PE and competitions at Four Swannes during 2020/21 but we bounced back in September with more enthusiasm than ever. It was evident that the children missed their PE during lockdown. We focused on getting active and fit again and used the daily mile to help us as well fitness circuits and personal challenges which set the scene for the very successful term. We look forward to inter school competitions, trips to sporting venues, to see professional sports being played and much more as 2022 is The Commonwealth Games year. 




October was Black History Month and Four Swannes celebrated diversity and “Proud to be” by inviting role models to visit our school. We had an Olympic Athlete, Asha Phillips, two England netball players Sasha and Kadeen Corbin, Master Bill John, 5th Dan Karate instructor, Basketball players Calvin and Sam with connections to London Giants and Scarlet Douglas, Dancer and TV presenter who all came into school to share their stories, to deliver workshops and most importantly, to inspire our children to be the best they can be and to follow their dream.

“I didn’t believe I could be a You Tuber, but I do now.” A simple quote from one of the children in Year 5.

“I am going to work hard to become famous.” from one of our future celebrities in Year 6.

It was an amazing month that the staff and children will remember for some time. Photos can be found on the school website.

Big thank you to Mr Moore for his support and to all staff for putting up with the disruption to their lessons for all this to happen.




All year 5 pupils get the opportunity to do a Leadership course whilst at Four Swannes.

From last year’s cohort, the following pupils were selected as Sports Leaders and House Captain for the 2021/22 academic year.

Lauren Humphreys, Kamsi Campbell-Ezemma, Nadia Brandt, Serin Eren, Nafisa Kagumba, Szymon Kowalewski, Shumalia Qureshi, Harrison Slaughter and Sophia Miah


The leadership course equipped them to deliver simple games with younger children, to organise sports events, assemblies, to encourage others to participate in sports and above all to encourage inclusivity within the school community. The leaders have not let us down and have been volunteering their services with staff and have been working on personal challenges with pupils in the playground.

The following quote is from Shumalia and sums up how they see their role in school:

“Our role is to give the children fun, enjoyable activities and inspire children so that they can maintain a positive attitude, high morale and persistent drive towards their goals. Also, our role is to have the ability to inspire others so they can clearly and concisely communicate their message to motivate those around to a greater height of achievement.”




On 14th November the Sports Leaders were fortunate enough to be given training in first aid. They were taught the basics of first aid, how to give information after dialling 999, how to do CPR and how to put someone in a recovery position. The trainers were very impressed with the knowledge and confidence of our leaders. Each Leader received a certificate at the end of their training, so we have nine qualified mini medics at Four Swannes.




We were fortunate enough to have been selected by Hertfordshire Cricket to take part in their chance to shine programme. Six weeks of coaching provided for children in Year 1-4 and an after-school club for Years 3 & 4. The weather was kind to us and the children learned some new skills and are looking forward to taking part in house and inter-school competitions.




Badminton has been taught this term as part of the curriculum and we were lucky to have Ian Robinson from BATS badminton Club to come in and help with Year 4 for four weeks. Ian runs a club at Goff’s Churchgate if anyone is interested, please contact Mrs Alcock through the school office.


A lunchtime badminton club has been set up for Years 4,5&6 which was very well attended. The pathway from this club is to join BATS. Looking ahead, there will be badminton house events and inter-school competitions so we will keep the club going.




How lucky are we at Four Swannes to have acquired a football coach for curriculum and after school club? A coach who is a scout with links to a premier league club means any talent amongst us will have a pathway to progress and for anyone who wants to continue outside of school the opportunity for coaching is available. Of course, the after-school club is oversubscribed but it is wonderful to see the children taking on the challenge of learning challenging new skills.





Year 1 & 2 have been working on developing their movement skills to compliment the throwing and catching skills they learned with cricket. They also completed a virtual multi skills competition which is a set of challenging skills testing their motor and movement skills.

The after-school club for Year 1 & 2 was oversubscribed. Here, the skills learned through the curriculum are reinforced to further develop basic skills, thus lessening the impact of Covid on this year group.




As part of our commit to the get fit challenge, November was made the Personal Challenge month. The lead on this was our Young Leaders who encouraged others to set personal challenges whilst they recorded the results. Unfortunately, we had to return to bubbles which meant we could not complete the challenges. We will resurrect in the spring term as it was something the Leaders really enjoyed doing.




After a long break we were able to recommence after school and lunch time clubs. Netball, football, multiskilling, badminton and dodge ball. All clubs are oversubscribed but it is our aim to give everyone an opportunity.

Covid permitting, we hope to introduce new sports in our clubs in the spring term such as athletics, boccia and circuits.




Finally, the following children needs to have a mention for many different reasons during this term.

Effort, participation, positive attitude, teamwork, leadership, volunteering, improved confidence, performance, personal challenge achievement.

They have had an amazing term with all the challenges we have had  


Ava-Rai S        Elliott Y             Ayomide O           Roisin C

Maria G           Ezekiel B          Mia B                    Sebastian G

Lilianna K        Brook W           Rhys D                 Eugenie A

Ayaz A             Shay C            Ebasso K             Nutley A

Helen G          Thaiba U          Demi E                 Zainab A

Kamsi C          Romario C       Lauren H              Erdem K

Eliza K            Nkosinathi Z     Sara P                  Nafisa K

Shumalia Q     Harrison S       Nadia B                Szymon K

Sophia M        Sirin E              Maddie F              Kacper G


Wishing you all a very merry Christmas


Mrs Alcock