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Possibility of School Re-opening - Latest Statement from Mrs Jones

Dear Parent/ Carer,


Re: Possibility of school reopening to more pupils.


As you will be aware the government is encouraging schools to open to more pupils other than the current key worker and vulnerable pupils it still caters for. They propose a staggered approach in certain year groups. These being YN, YR,Y1 and Y6 then all year groups by the end of the summer term. Since this announcement there has been very little guidance and advice from government and it has been left to individual schools to make their own decisions based on a risk assessment being carried out.  

Some councils across England have refused to implement the government suggestions as they think it’s too soon. However, Hertfordshire are keen that their schools try and meet this requirement. In order to help schools they have issued a generic risk assessment which has proved a useful starting point. I intend posting this on the website when it is fully approved.

As indicated in my last message to you, school is going to be very different. The only way we can adhere to the best possible safety  measures is to alter classrooms so that desks are as far away as possible. There will be staggered start and finish times. Separate play and lunchtimes. One way systems and a modifying of resources. Staff may wear PPE and your child’s teacher and classroom area may be different to that in March. When all these measures are in place we will inform you.

Governors met yesterday (virtually) and after much deliberation have decided that they want more time to review the risk assessments being taken. They would like all school staff to review and be confident in the procedures so that when we welcome some of your children back we can do some with full confidence that we have done everything we can to produce as safe as environment as possible.  I would like to stress that we cannot guarantee 100% that your children will maintain the 2 meter social distancing requirement.


So that is the schools position at the moment. As you know things can suddenly change! We are aiming to accommodate some children in YN, YR, Y1 and Y6. Most likely from 8th June. We have already made contact with those parents and we will do so again as soon as possible so that they can be clear about the exact arrangements for their child.


At this stage governors feel it is highly unlikely the whole school will be open to all pupils this term.


I appreciate that this as all very strange and possibly at times confusing for you. We feel the same and are working to provide as safe an environment as possible. Rest assured when your child does come back we will make it as stress free and enjoyable as possible.


All the very best to you and your families.

Stay safe.

Mrs J. Jones

Head teacher