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Welcome To Nursery Class

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in Nursery.

Class Teacher: Miss A Patel.

Teaching Assistants: Miss S Spears, Mrs A Cunningham

Science Week

The children have been taking part in a variety of different experiments during Science Week. They have learnt about magnets in class and experimented with making a superhero fly. In class they have also looked at how colours can mix together. Outside the children enjoyed making volcanos and watching coke explode when mints were added.

Take One Book Week

Nursery have focused on the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to start of our Traditional Tales Topic. They have been busy turning our role play area into a castle and making crowns to play the role of people who live in a castle. In Maths, they looked at which plant pot would fill the most/least magic beans and sorted beans into different types. In Science, the children learnt what a plant needs to grow and planted their own beanstalks. During CIL the children also had the opportunity to grow their own beans both inside and in the outside learning area.

British Values

We have been promoting British Values in Nursery. The children have been voting for a story they would like to hear at home time and a physical activity they would like to engage with outside.  

World Book Day

The children dressed up as their favourite book characters. They spoke about their character. Nursery also took part in a dance workshop acting out 'The Gingerbread Man'.

People Who Help Us

Nursery are focusing on the topic 'People Who Help Us' this term. They have been learning about how to stay healthy and people who help us when we are unwell. Today the children had a visit from a nurse. They learnt about her job role and how a nurse helps people. She showed the children how to test blood pressure and how a stethoscope works. The children then had a go at checking their own pulse.