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Reception AP

Welcome to Reception Class 

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in Reception 

Class Teacher Miss Patel 

Teaching Assistant Miss S Spears



Reception 2022 - 2023

Reception class have been fun settling into school this week. They have been busy learning both inside and outside. Here are some pictures of the children having fun!



Archive Reception Page

07/07/22: Learning and having fun in Reception.

06/07/22: Getting ready for our new Reception children to visit us at the Stay and Play.

30/06/22 : Sunflowers! Reception's seeds have sprouted really fast!

20th - 24th June 2022: Sports Week

Welcome To Reception Class!

We hope you enjoy exploring our fantastic learning in Reception.

Class Teacher: Mrs A Attridge

Teaching Assistant: Miss S Spears



16.06.2022: World Market Day. Reception class represented Belgium.

10th June 2022 The Gingerbread Man - To support our book this week we decorated Gingerbread Men

27/05/22: Jubillee Day! Sandwich making, Cake decorating, AMAZING outfits, games and a lovely picnic with friends.

24/5/22 Getting Jubilee Ready!



We have been watching our eggs hatch, we have 9 eggs and so far 7 of them have hatched. We watched one of the eggs hatch live on Thursday morning and we are stil waiting

for two more to hatch. The chicks are now going home with Mrs Attridge for the weekend. 


Big Bear Funk Summer Term music

This Term we are listening and makin our own Funky Music with Bear Bear Funk!


World Book Day 2022

Whole Class Phonics

Our P.E lessons

Our Opticians

We celebrated Chinese New Year!

Christmas Pudding Song

Still image for this video

Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star

Still image for this video

We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Still image for this video

We went to the Post Box to send our letters to Santa

Children in Need Day

Remembrance Day

Firework Fun! 

On Monday we had a lot of fun paining to Music. We listened to Music for Royal Fireworks and splattered the paint to match the music. 

Today we celebrated Diwali, We made Rangoli patterns, sculpted clay divas, had a Diwali feast of samosas, pakoras, and bhajis and then we learnt a diwali dance. Mrs Dhanjal from Year 3 came to talk to the children about how she celebrates Diwali at home. 

We read the story Leaf Man and then made our own versions.

Fun with Phonics

Fun in the book corner

Autumn Treasure Hunt

Harvest Activities

Today for RE Day we have been learning about the Christian Festival of Harvest. We have learnt about what food we collect at Harvest and what we could put in a healthy packed lunch. 



And Tango makes three..

We have been reading the story of Roy and Silo the penguins who wanted an egg of thier own to raise. 

Welcome to Reception

Have a look at some of the great work we have been up to at school.


Sunflower update! July 2021

Dear Paradise Wildlife Park - We Wrote to the Zoo to ask for a Pet!

Our Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

Activity Day Group 1

Activity Day Group 2

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Our Class Displays

May 2021 - RE DAY - Big Questions - What is heaven like? The children painted what they thought heaven was like.

May 2021- Sunflowers - Our Sunflowers have grown too big for their pots so we went to the school garden to put them in the ground.

May 2021 - Gardening The children helped Miss Maria weed the tulips and plant our tomato plants.

May 2021 - Our Budding Vincent Van Goughs have been looking very closely at our Sunflowers to draw them with pastels

April 2021 In PE we have had tennis lessons from our Tennis coach Millie

April 2021 We are growing sunflowers

November 2020


The Day the crayons quit

Roll it, build it Write it!

Our Diwali lanterns and Rangoli Patterns.

Children in need day

October 2020

These are the stories we read this week as part of our celebration of Black History Month

Mrs Spears, one of our school govenors and local councellor (and Miss Spears' mum) came to read us two stories. The children loved to hear the stories and ask Patsy all about her life as a nurse and midwife.

As part of Black History Month, Mrs Emsely arranged for a drummer called Femi Koleso to tell the children how he became a drummer.

We were very surprised when the air amulance landed in our school field. The paramedics were very happy to chat to us as they didnt have to take anyone in the helicopter so they said we could wave them off!

Archive Reception 2019- 2020

For remote learning this week the children were asked to design and make a board game of thier own idea. Here is Ertay's fabulous game.

Hi everyone!

Still image for this video

Tour of EYFS

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1st June 2020


Hello Reception, hope you have all had a lovely half term break. It has been so nice to see all the work you have done on Purple Mash over the last few weeks. It has been lovely to read your sunflower diaries too!


Thank you Ayo for sending me some photos of your plant, it looks like you have been taking great care of it! Have a look at Ayo's photos!


Don't forget if you want to email me some photos please send them to  


Ayo's Sunflower

Weekly Sports Challenge:

We would like to set you & your families a weekly challenge whilst we are in this challanging situation.


Monday 4th May: This weeks challenge - How many squats can you do in 30 seconds? Send us your videos to and we will announce the winners next week on the school websites lastest news. 

Daily Phonics Lessons


Hi Everyone, Good news from Monday you will be able to access a daily phonics lesson online. Starting on Monday April 27th 2020 the Government have made these available at different levels. Please see the letter below for more information. Thank you so much to those of you who have been busy working on Purple Mash its been lovely to see your work. Stay Safe, Mrs Attridge xx

Corona Virus - A Book For Children

Managing the transition to home schooling.

Monday 20th April 2020


Hello Reception, hope you have all had a lovely Easter Holidays. I hope those of you who got sunflower seeds when school closed have planted them, I would love to see some pictures if you email them to me at


This week we are moving on to phase 4 of our phonics work. Please watch the phase 4 videos on cvcc words on espresso. 

Thank you Ertay for sending me some pictures of his seeds that are now growing!

These are the videos you need to watch, after go to the ccvc activities.


Maths addition to 20

Purple Mash


I have also set some ToDo's on purple mash for the week. Please log on and complete by the end of the week.


Any questions please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can as some days I am needed in school so I wont be able to answer straight away. 


Keep safe, hope to hear from you all soon 


Mrs Attridge, Miss Maria and Miss Spears xxx

Monday 30th March


This week I have set four tasks on the 2do list on Purple Mash. Please use your log in that was sent to you the other day. I will be able to see what tasks you have done.  Also if you go in to mini mash don't forget to save anything you do in your tray, just like when we are in school. I hope you are all keeping up with your reading on the oxford owl site.


Mrs Attridge 


Purple Mash

Home Learning Suggestions.


Please visit for daily practice of phonics.

As a class we have covered phase 2 and phase 3 so please revise these and use www.espresso, for phonic activities. 


Go over any sounds your child is unsure of and try and sound out and write words contained in the espresso videos. Use Twinkl for worksheets related to the sounds they do not know. 




Daily counting and ordering of numbers using espresso.


As a class we had recently started looking at money and coin values. Why not set up a home shop paying with pennies and some silver coins.


For topic we were going to start growing sunflowers, if you were in last Thursday I gave the children some sunflowers to grow. If you have any other seeds have a go at growing those instead.


Any questions please email me. 


Mrs Attridge





Sunflower competition! During our time at home who can grow the tallest sunflower. Can you keep a diary of how it is growing? Can you take photos and email them to us at

Home reading books have been taken in for the children who were in school today. However, don't forget you can visit for over 100 free ebooks for your child to read at home. Most children in our class are reading at pink and red book band level. 

Author - Terry Willis Visit - 27th November 2019


Today the children were visited by the Author Terry Willis. She read lots books to the children that she had written.   Before Terry read each story, she showed a map on the white board to show the children what part of the world the story was set in.  We learnt lots of new words Savannah, Author, Inference, illustrator were  alldiscussed with the children.  Mrs willis left us with signed copies of all the books she had read to us. 

Author Visit

Children In Need Day


What a fun day we had in class to raise money for Children in Need. We retold our Pudsey story, designed Pudsey a new bandana and we even got to come to school in our own clothes!


Odd Sock Day


For Anti-Bullying Week we all wore our odd socks to school to show that it's ok to be different.


Odd Sock Day

Remembrance Day 2019

To remember those who have died Reception made clay poppies.

Stone Soup - We made a delicious Stone Soup and then took some for Mrs Jones to try!

The Mayor came to visit - Some of the boys showed our visitor what they had made.

Autumn Walk - We went on an autumn walk to look for the changing colours around our grounds

Reception Curriculum Map



Nursery and Reception had a wonderful time at Paradise Wildlife Park this week.


More photos of our wonderful day out.



This week our class received a letter from Tilly the gardener asking us to grow some Sunflowers. She left us a packet of Sunflower seeds and asked us to  see who could grow the tallest Sunflower.

Planting our seeds

Tennis Skills


This term we are learning tennis skills, we had great fun trying to use the tennis rackets!

People Who help Us

Reception Class had a visit from the big sister of one of our class who is a Emergency first dispatcher. She told us all her about her job and what she has to do! Emilyee and Mikayla answered lots of questions from the class. Thank you so much for coming in on your day off!