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Diversity. Inclusion. Belonging



RSE - Relationships and sex education - is covered within PSHE here at Four Swannes.

Intent Implementation and Impact in RSE


Our RSE lessons- using CWP resources-  provide a  safe place to discuss sensitive issues of family life, personal hygiene, safety and relationships whilst also learning vocabulary for these elements.


We aim to provide a variety of ways to explore these aspects of life including discussion and acting out scenarios. We believe that RSE lessons should be an  experience that all our pupils appreciate.


We aim for RSE to be high quality, coherent and progressive as children grow through the school.

The intent is for Four Swannes children to understand the importance of RSE in our society today and better help them understand the world around them.   


The Subject Lead monitors this when looking at teacher’s use of CWP resources, , the MTP in their planning and when doing lesson observations.





RSE is taught within our PSHE programme (which takes place weekly). Each class has 3 or 4 RSE lessons per year.


This is monitored by the subject lead when looking at planning, lesson observations, book looks and pupil voice.  Teachers will assess their own class re knowledge/skills/ understanding of subject specific vocabulary. Subject lead will then monitor their assessment.



The impact of the RSE curriculum will be seen across the school.   

Participation in RSE develops wellbeing, promotes talking and listening skills and  helps keep the child safe.

We want to ensure  that across the school children feel that it is ok to ask questions in the safe environment we provide with trusted informed adults to answer.


The subject leader will monitor this by pupil voice, moderating assessment,  and book samples.