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School Council Members 1 Artas
School Council Members 2 David
School Council Members 3 Karina
School Council Members 4 Lena
School Council Members 5 Matas
School Council Members 6 Daniel

School Council Members



In my opinion I think Four Swannes is a great school.



My name is Artas and I'm part of the School Council. I like the school because there are many people that support you. Our school is a safe school and the teachers give you enough education based on your skill. There are lots of children at our school so you can make lots of friends.



I like going to school. My favourite subjects are Maths, P.E, Science, R.E and English. I also like playing with my friends. I like P.E as I always like a challenge. I always challenge myself (even when I'm doing Art). I go to an Athletics club as well. Also, I am on the school council.



My experience at Four Swannes has been amazing. If I got stuck on any of my work a teacher has been there to help me.  I am sad that I will be leaving the school at the end of this year to go to secondary school as I have made lots of friends and had an amazing time.

My favourite subjects are History, Science and Computing. I find them interesting because I would like to be an Archeologist one day.