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School Events

Football training continued for Year 5 and 6 this week. We worked on attacking and defending finishing off the training session with a penalty shoot out. 
Year 1 and 2 had their first speed stacking after school club session. We practiced the stacking of 3 cups in a pyramid which is compulsory for junior competitions. This was followed by a tower building competition that the children found a lot harder then they thought. 12 cups in a tower proved more wobbly then they first thought

Speed Stack after School Club for Y3 & 4

3 6 3 speed stacking

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Capoeira demonstration

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Mini Marines

Another great experience for the school this week with a visit from Elite Commando Survival. The military group came in and put the children through their paces with a military assault course followed by survival skills. The session was finished off with the children roasting marshmallows and taking part in a team building activity.

Sponsored Fitness Circuit

The children thoroughly enjoyed the fitness circuit lead by Gianni Frankis. Gianni represented Great Britain in 2009 at the World Championships in the hurdle event. The children were engaged with both the workshop and the assembly he led and it was very inspiring to hear how hard he continued to work even when he wasn’t winning all his races. The children all learnt a valuable lesson in lie, that if you have ambition and drive you can reach your goal.

Whole School Activity Day


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Tag Rugby

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Personal Challanges

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Inclusive Disability Day

All children were given the experience of using a wheel chair. They were given the task to use the chairs to manoeuvre around cones. Wheel power were very greatful for the money the children raised and enjoyed coming in to work with the children in their classes

Science Week

Science  week was a huge success across the school last week, with all the children getting involved with hands on experiments. The children were lucky enough to have a visit from a scientist who let the them participate in some science experiments, including the making of slime. As the week continued the children had to investigate a crime scene that had been set up in school, to work out which one of the teachers had damaged the flower. They had to investigate shoe prints, fabrics, pen ink and test how powders reacted with liquids in order to solve the crime. Many experiments continued in the classrooms with Reception enjoying separating liquids, Year 2 looking at friction and Year 6 using microscopes to examine different fabrics. 


This week we started multisports club with the children learning some basic football skills. We practiced dribbling with a ball and finding space, finished off with an agility game. The children have picked other sports they would like to try over the next few weeks, starting with netball next week.


This week both the Year 3 and 4 Athletics Club and 5 and 6 all attended on Monday, due to

World Market Day being held on Thursday. This week we focused on track events and tried to beat the times which had previously been recorded.

Year 3 and 4 Athletics After School Club

Year 3 and 4 Athletics After School Club 1
Year 3 and 4 Athletics After School Club 2

Tennis Club

This week after progressing with the basic skills, the children set up small matches and learnt the rules of a competitive match. The children have improved so much and have really enjoyed learning a new sport.

Summer Cooking Club

Spring Cooking Club

Autumn Cooking Club

Multi skills Event

Netball Tournament

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Netball Tournament

Amazing achievement! Our netball team who were finalists at yesterdays Netball Tournament.

Sponsored Skip

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Today the whole school took part in a sponsored skip. We are raising money for a charity called Wheel Power, who will visit us later in the year and provide children with the opportunity to experience sport using a wheel chair

Intra-Class Inclusive Sorting Competition

Rapid Fire Festival

On the 12th February 2019, we took 2 teams of 6 children, to take part in this Cricket style festival. Both teams were amazing, with one team making it to the semi final.


It was really fun because we had to run a lot. It made it even more fun because we played against other schools. I would like to go again.



Year 4

The Rapid Fire Festival was a lot of fun because it was really competitive. I felt nervous when we were in the mini bus, but when I went in to the school hall I felt better. Even though we got knocked out in the semi-final, it was one of the best competitions ever.


Year 4

The Rapid Fire Festival was really exciting because we played cricket and I’ve never played cricket before.


Year 4

The rapid fire festival was really fun because I’ve never represented the school before. I felt very excited and proud.


Year 3

When we walked in I felt nervous, but I felt better when we started playing. I tried my best to hit the ball hard through the cones to get extra points. I tried so hard that I was tired when I went home. It was my first time on a mini bus. I hope I get to go again.


Year 3

I felt a little nervous because it looked complicated but I watched the demonstration and I knew how to play it. I tried my best to get the ball through the cones.


Year 3

Water Sports Festival

On the 5th February 2019, 8 selected children attended the 'Water Sports Festival' at Haileybury, Turnford run by the A10 school partnership.


I loved the water sport because it was AMAZING! For me, my best part for me was when we were dancing.


Year 5


I loved it, but at first it was very scary because so many teenagers were staring at me and my friends. Apart from that I liked it and I loved when we did sitting volleyball.


Year 6


At the water sports festival we took part in lots of activities. A partner assault course like a canoe slalom, sitting volleyball, synchronised swimming, a rowing exercise that was fun and then we did another hoop exercise. They were all really fun. Out of 6 teams we came 3rd with a bronze medal. I felt really proud and exited that we came in the top 3 .

Ellie Mae

Year 6



Picture 1 Bronze Medallists
Picture 2 Team Work