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Thirst for Knowledge

At Four Swannes we aim to promote and sustain a thirst for knowledge and undertanding together with a love of learning in our children.To this end our curriculum overs a wide range of subjects and provides opportunities for academic and sporting excellence.  This will provide a positive impact on our pupils resulting in good behaviour, safety and contribute to their academic achievements, their physical well being and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 


To this end, we provide children with questions, topics and inspiration to want to find out about life around them. We display their work and findings in school.  The question or topic is changed every half term and the current poser is written below.


Our question of the half term

The children are presented with the task (see Pupil Resource Sheet) and are given planning time.

The task is to see how most people will do eight given calculations.

The children have to time each person, record the methods used and their age group. The children have to decide how to finally represent their results and see if there are common methods of calculations in each age group.

Pupils will need to be given time to discuss how they will carry out the survey.

They will need to think about:

■ Who will participate in their survey?

■ Can they identify people across a range of age ranges?

■ How will they explain the survey to the participants?

■ What will their role be as each participant carries out the survey?

When the information is collected, discussion will need to take place on how to organise and present their findings. It is also important to set time aside to interpret their findings. Questions may include:

■ Did different age groups approach the calculations differently? If so, explain what they found.

■ Which questions required people to do a written calculation?

■ Which questions were carried out mentally?

■ Is it possible to reach any general conclusions about how people calculate?








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