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Year 1AP

Welcome To Year 1

We hope you enjoy exploring our fantastic learning in Year 1.

Class Teacher: Miss A Patel

Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Cunningham 

Christmas Performance: The Perfect Christmas Tree

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Christmas Performance: It's Christmas

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Today the children watched a video of Sky Brown who won a Bronze Medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics at 13 years old. The children then had the opportunity to learn how to skateboard. They learnt how to jump on the board and balance, ride on the skateboard and do a few tricks. 

House on the Hill Toy Museum - School trip

Special Visitor - Asha Phillips 


Today our school were very lucky to have a visitor at our school. The children learnt that she is an Olympic Sprinter who also competed in the Tokyo Olympics. She was the first British female to win a gold medal at 16 years old at the World Youth Championships. 



Today the children took part in RE Day. The focus throughout the day in Year 1 were the two religions Christianity and Judaism. The children also learnt about two festivals. Harvest which is celebrated by Christians and Yom Kippur which is celebrated by Jews. The children also looked at the key features within a church and a synagogue. They have all had a great day!. 

Stanley Stick 


Our next book in English is called 'Stanley Stick'. The children will be focusing on this book for the next couple of weeks. Today the children went outside to find their own special stick. They are using role play and their imagination to support their writing. 

And tango makes three


The children have been reading the book above for the last two weeks. To bring the book alive the children have seen a penguin roaming the school and even had a visit from the zookeeper Mr Gramzey. This has encouraged lots of excitement within our English lessons. 

Year 1 Summer Term Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Sports Day

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Black History Week

This week we are celebrating inspriing black men and women. Today the children had a black musician visit them. They listened to him playing the drums. The children also learnt about how he became interested in learning the drums. The children came up with the following questions to ask him:

How old were you when you started to play the drums?

Where did you get your drums from?

Where did you learn to play the drums?

Is it hard to play the drums? 



Wear Red Day

Today the children learnt about Anti-Racism. We spoke about it being ok to be different. The children learnt about what makes people different; focusing particularly on skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, height, languages, religion and where families originate from. More importantly, the children in year 1 learnt that we have to treat everybody equally and with respect. 

Please refer to the Home Learning section of the school website for information on home learning support. Follow the links to the education resources to support your child. Please try to ensure that your child fully engages with these learning opportunities. Remember any lessons should be supported with at least 20 minutes of reading every day.

Fantasy Stories

The children have been looking at fantasy stories. Their favourite book over the past two weeks has been Supertato. The children made their Supertato’s in class today and were so excited! 

What an exciting afternoon we have had!

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The children discovered a beautiful caterpillar in the school playground. After lunch, we came inside to research our caterpillar and to find out what it would become. We discovered it was a Five Spotted Hawkmoth and it eats tomatoes and potatoes.

Mini Beast Hunt

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The children searched for mini-beasts and named the ones that they had found. They then made a bug hotel with leaves and sticks and created a trench for the insects protection.

Design and Technology

The children made and designed their own airplanes for Design and Technology. They independently made adaptations such as extra folds in the wings and cuts in the body! Then they flew them to see whose would go the furthest! 


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Monster Symmetry! Raaaahhhhhhh!

In Year One, our book stimulus this week has been The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. The children have used symmetry in Maths to create their own monsters. 
Good morning everyone! It was so good to talk to some of you this week whilst I was in school. If I left message for you, I will call again next week to say Hi and hopefully talk to the children. I miss them so much.  I am enclosing some Music ideas that you can do at home with the children.  Hopefully, there is some fun to be had and it will make them smile. Stay safe and keep well, love from Mrs Kanatli
Good morning everyone! 


We would like to set you and your families a weekly challenge whilst we are all in this challenging situation. 

This week the challenge is - How many squats can you do in 30 seconds? Send your videos to and we will announce the winners next week on the school website lastest news. 

Good Morning Everyone! The Government are beginning an online phonics program commencing this Monday 27th April 2020.  Please find enclosed a letter to explain the times and link for the lessons.  Hope that you are all well, Mrs Kanatli xx

Corona Virus - A Book For Children

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Good afternoon.

Premier Education have some videos to help keep the children active at home. 

Street Dance -
Greatest Showman -
Racket Skills -
Multi-Skills -
Parent and Child workout -

The famous author Axel Scheffler has produced a child friendly book about Corona Virus should any of your children be struggling. The link is 

Work for weeks beginning 20th and 27th April 2020. I hope that you have all had a safe and healthy Easter. I am enclosing the children's work for the next two weeks. Please look at the weekly overview first and complete the tasks with the children. Continue to practise their phonics, use Mathletics and Espresso and continue to read with the children regularly. Keep safe and well xxx

Also attached is a document to help manage the transition in to School learning.

Oceans and Seas - The children are learning about Oceans and Seas for geography. They have labelled maps and drawings with differing oceans and seas around the world. Today in class they made a wave in a tray. They made a beach, using sand and shells and then added water. They tested different theories as to how waves were made. They found that wind and friction wer the main contributors. They also asked about earthquakes and volcanoes under the sea and we discussed how a tsunami was created.

P.E - The children are studying gymnastic this term. They have been practising different jumps and landing techniques.


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We have been learning about blues music in Year One this term. The children are studying greats like BB King and are beginning to learn some songs. Here they are singing a simplified version of I Am In The Groove.

Maths Investigation Week - The children have been investigting many maths challenges this week. They have completed a coin challenge, dice challenge, 100 square challenge, times table challenge and creating a crate for a family of bears to be transported across the zoo. However, they only had a piece of A4 paper and scissors to create a crate....

Take One Picture Week

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Throughout the school the children have been studying The Disembarkment of the Queen of Sheba painted by Claude. All our curriculum this week has been based around the picture. The children worked together with Year 2 and Mrs Emsley’s son to reenact the Queen of Sheba arriving to see King Solomon in Jerusalem.

ICT Coding

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Marcel has also been creating his own app using coding for ICT.

ICT Coding

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The children have been studying coding. They have become confident enough to begin creating their own apps. Listen to Emilia explain her creation.

P.E - The children are learning to play - this week they have been using the raquets!

Councillor Spears came into class to Read Kiki's Magic Afro by Miriam Gray to the children for Black History Month. As if by magic, her afro began glowing when she read the story to the children

We are being Secret Angels for Anti-Bullying Week. The children pulled the name of a classmate our of a hat on Monday and have to be secret angels to that person all week but they must not tell them who! On Friday we are going to see f they can guess who their Secret Angel was.....

Animal Visit


Spirit of the Wild came into school to visit Year 1.  They brought in many animals for the children to classify and sort into groups.  They met animals such as a barn owl, cockroach, millipede, tortoise, Brazilian Black tarantula, toad, a lesser tentric and a fruit bat.  The children then had to sort to the animals into their groups; mammals, reptiles, birds of prey, insects, amphibians and theraphosidae.



Falconry UK Visit

Year one had a visit from Falconry UK. The children met a variety of birds including  Blu the Blue Winged Cuckaburra, Rocco the Pygmy Falcon, Mika the Western Siberia Owl, Bailey the White Faced Scops Owl and Taz the Tawny Frogmouth. They also met Poppy the Maltese Terrier!!!