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Year 2TBB

Welcome To Year 2

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 2!

Class Teacher: Mrs T Byrne Brown

Teaching Assistant: Miss C Parcell


Using resources to find equivalents


We sorted pictures into dead and alive. We followed a prompt sheet to work this out, using questions like does it grow, breathe and eat. 


We started the session with a dance warm up and followed this with a team game. we worked on speed and agility. We had to jump through the hoops and used rock, paper and scissors to compete against each other. 


What a fantastic day we had at the beach! The children thoroughly enjoyed digging in the sand, collecting shells and dipping their toes in the water. The competitive side came out as we competed in groups to build the best sand castle. Mrs Howath team won, using a wall to keep the waves away for aslong as possible. With the weather on our side we were able to enjoy lunch together on the beach, followed by an ice lolly to finish off a beautiful day. What a lovely way to finish off the year!

Art- Sketching local buildings using our pencil to shade and add texture to our drawings


Todays with the weather being on our side PE was able to take place outside. The focus for today was team work. The children worked in their house teams and participated in a group relay. This was followed by a foot golf course that they completed in pairs. It was great to see all the children encouraging their peers in each activity.

PE. Athletics

Year 2 Cake Sale

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to Year 2's cake sale and to everyone who supported us and purchased a cake from our stall. They children in Year 2 all had a great afternoon making cupcakes for their stall, to help raise money to reduce the cost of our summer trip. We are very proud to have raised a total of £75.


In year 2 we have really started to develop our tennis skills. This week we had a go with a partner, at using our learnt skills in a Rally.

World Market Day Art


We did a class experiment to test which materials are waterproof. We then decided as a class which materials would be suitable for certain jobs and why.

PE- Tennis Skills


In Science we have been looking at how we stop germs from spreading. We used glitter to show the children how germs can spread through touch, if we do not wash our hands.

Practising our Speed and coordination in PE

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Year 2 Assembly

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Great Fire of London Class Assembly

D/T Finger puppets

D/T Finger puppets 1

World Book Day

World Book Day 1

Great Fire of London Dance Workshop

Counter balance PE lesson

Gymnastic aparatus lesson.

Maths- Addition using dienes