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Year 3CS

In Maths today, the children worked in pairs to play a game, which tested their understanding of place value. Some great tactical play went on!

Year 3 had their first Computing lesson today! We're learning how to code and today they learnt the terms 'algorithm', 'event', 'object' and 'action'. They put these into practice by creating a sea themed screen saver!

Welcome back Year 3! Here's our phonics group working hard with Mrs.Cunningham this morning.

For RE day we learned that both Christians and Sikhs feel that God wants them to give generously to the poor. They believe this because their holy scriptures tell them. This is us acting out the story of the poor widow who gave generously.

Thank you to Mrs Allcock, Mrs Dhanjal and Nhyira's mum for helping us have such a wonderful day. As you can see great fun was had by all.


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As a school we celebrated world music day on Tuesday. We remembered a simple song but made it more complex with actions and dynamics. Then we led the school in singing the song.


Even though it has been a shorter week the children have been very busy.  In English we have been looking at the rules for using apostrophes. We remember that we don't use apostrophes for plurals.    In Maths we are looking at multiplication by ten.   Our new topic for science is light. So we had a great investigation that helped us understand that we can't see objects without light.  We have also danced to music, had PE with Mrs Alcock and recapped our Spanish musical instruments! Busy busy busy!

Year 3 had a wonderful day celebrating The Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We had some special visitors who talked to us about the Queen's coronation. We planted a sapling tree and we created a Bug Hotel called Buggingham Palace. We hope the bugs enjoy their new home!

In English this week we practiced and performed a poem called I am Red Fox. It was quite a challenge to read it together smoothly and fluently but we kept going and tried our best.

For International Day we were fortunate to have an Irish Dancing Workshop

Last term we wrote persuasive letters to Femi, the drummer. He loved our letters and decided that he would come and visit our class - even though he was so busy. We learned different rhythms and made up our own using the names of our favourite drinks.

This week we have enjoyed our PE - creating gymnastics sequences and a game of Dodgeball.

We shared what we learned this week with the whole school

One of the science activities we did this week was to make a Roman Groma -the surveying equipment Romans used to create straight roads. It was a challenge but we persevered.

Year 3 and 4 had a great RE trip to the Enfield Baptist Church. Rev Mandy James taught us all about baptism.

Here we are doing our PE lesson. This term we have been learning Gymnastics. So far we have learned balances, rolls, travelling steps and today was different types of jumps

This week we had a visit from the Dog Trust to help us know how to be safe around dogs.

World Book day was a great success!

We learned so much on RE day today. As part of our day we got to ask Pastor Stuart some questions about what it means to lead a church.

Oh Come all ye faithful

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Good King Wenceslas

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Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

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The twelve days of Christmas

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What a great time we had skateboarding today! It was lovely that the sun came out for us. Year 3 were very bold and brave.

Welcome To Year 3!

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 3!

Class Teacher: Mrs V Emsley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Dhanjal

We had fun on RE day and did lots of great learning about Christianity and Christmas. We had a visit from a donkey who had lost Mary and Joseph!

Year 3 and 4 are busy preparing for our Christmas performance

We really enjoyed our trip to the Natural History Museum. We learned so much that fits in with our science topic.  We saw and named bones. We compared dinosaur and mammal bones with our own bones. We also had a workshop where we "dived" down to 3000m to see what life is like underwater. Please enjoy the photos- sometimes the quality is not so good because it was dark.

What an exciting half term we have had. We have had some wonderful experiences recently.  Black history month was  a great success, we had lots of visitors to the school and we learned about their lives.  We also had an RE day which was fun too. Below you can see just some of the things we have been up to.

Today is RE day. Year 3 are having a fantastic time learning all about Harvest Festival and the Sikh festival of Bandi Chhor Divas.   

Here you can see Mrs Dhanjal teaching us all about how Sikhs celebrate the festival.

We reneacted the story of Guru Hargobind

We had a visit from Kerry from the North London Foodbank. She helped us understand what the foodbank does and how we can help. We are hoping to collect lots of food to donate to them as part of our Harvest Festival.

It's been a busy and exciting beginning to the term in year 3. Please enjoy some pictures that show some of the things we have been up to.

In English we were studying a book called And Tengo makes three- all about a penguin family. We were excited to have a visit from a penguin and his zoo keeper!

As a whole school we are focussing on reading this term.  Mrs Dhanjal has created a beautiful reading corner for us.  We read in the reading corner every day because we know just how important it is to hear good reading.

We had an exciting visit from an engineer who gave us a science workshop. We learned about the importance using renewable energy sources. We even had a go at making our own wind turbines, this took a lot of team work and concentration. Well done year 3!

As part of our RE curriculum KS2 went to visit the North Enfield Foodbank.  The children toured the warehouse, were awed by the stock and had a chance to create food parcels for those in need.  They learnt why the Christians who run Foodbank feel it is important to care for those around them.

Activity day


Year 3 had a wonderful time experiencing many different activities - they did us proud with their determination and team work

We had a great time on Spanish day.  As you can see we learnt to speak and write more spanish words, we learnt some Flamenco dancing and created Spanish food and drink. Most of us thought it was delicious

Mrs Emsley brought in some plants from home for the class to look at - we compared leaves, colour, flowers and size.

We put 4 plants in different locations to see how they coped in those environments. As you can see the results are clear. Plants NEED water, heat and light.

Year 3 have been busy planting seeds and comparing plants to enhance our science learning this term. 

Please refer to the Home Learning section of the school website for information on home learning support. Follow the links to the education resources to support your child. Please try to ensure that your child fully engages with these learning opportunities. Remember any lessons should be supported with at least 20 minutes of reading every day.

Corona Virus - A Book For Children

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Managing the transition to home schooling



Learning from home


From today, I will not be posting weekly activities that you can do at home. If you go to the home learning page on the school website, there are home learning resources that are really beneficial for the children to be using instead. I will also be adding activities for pupils to complete on Purple Mash. 





Rembrance Day- This week, as a whole school we created pom poms with wool for our poppy rug. Also, as a class we made a poppy wreath using cupcake cases and lots of red paint! Messy but really fun!

Our firework art. Year three created a background and then used different art techniques for our firework pictures.

Year 3 had a wonderful trip to St Albans where we learnt about the Romans

Year 3 really enjoyed World Book day.

We each read part of our favourite book to the class.