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Year 5IO

Welcome To Year 5

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 5!

Class Teacher: Mrs I Ogunyemi

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Contla

Wednesday 3rd of July was D&T day at Four Swannes and Year 5 had to make a rollercoaster  using recycled materials such as cardboard boxes, empty cereal boxes, rolls and shoe boxes. They all had fun designing, making and testing them out with marbles.
On Thursday the 6th of June 2019, Year 5 had a visit form Reynolds Catering Suppliers. During the visit, they had a chance to learn about road safety, they looked at different fruits and vegetables that were supplied by Reynolds and had to match them up with the countries they came from. After the matching up activity, they had a chance to taste the different fruits and vegetables. The children then got a chance to play a game in groups and the group that won received fruit baskets from Reynolds. At the end of the session, very child received a goodie bag from Reynolds.
In maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. The children have used clay to mould cubes and cuboids.
In Year 5, we have been learning about conductors and insulators. Here the children are testing out materials to determine if they are conductors or insulators.

Insulator and conductor investigation.

Our Year 5 class have been learning about instructions. Here, they are following written instructions to play a game.