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Home Learning

Link For Purple Mash Home Learning Resource

For all home learning, set by your child's class teacher, please visit Purple Mash and use the login details that were sent to parents by text message at the beginning of this term.



Link for The Oak National Academy home learning resource.



Link for BBC Bitesize daily learning resource.


Learning Support

As you are aware, Four Swannes is constantly looking at elements that we can introduce to support the learning of your children which will support families regarding home learning. Our teaching team have been looking at two new software platforms that deliver much better teaching support for families at home. Thanks to this research (particularly Mrs Kalli and her children), we have identified what we believe are the most appropriate websites for you to use.

The first is BBC Bitesize.

This link is for the home page which contains all the information that parents need on what the site contains. Scroll to the bottom left, there is an orange rectangle that reads, ‘Bitesize Daily’. Click on this link and it links to the daily lessons. They are organised by group and contain a broad balance of lessons linked to the national curriculum, ensuring that your children are receiving the appropriate subject matter. The lessons are dated, and this allows children to have a ‘school day’ approach to learning. However, parents are free to deliver the lessons in the order that they wish to. Each lesson area has animated video support to deliver the learning to children in a clear and concise manner, hopefully reducing some of the need for parents to deliver the learning.


The second is The Oak National Academy.

This link will take you to the home page. It is quite a simple looking page but will take parents to an online classroom resource with real teachers. Over 180 teachers have worked to put together a comprehensive series of lessons across all subjects. As with the BBC Bitesize site, each lesson has video support to ‘do the teaching’ element but this site uses teachers to deliver the learning. Click on the green ‘online classroom’ tab. This directs to a choice of ‘subject’ or ‘schedule’. Selecting subject will give a choice of subject for your child to learn. Selecting schedule will give deliver you a choice of year group and then a whole week of lessons to follow, again all curriculum linked. Each lesson will have a video of a teacher ‘teaching’ the lesson and have all required resources attached.


As these learning platforms can deliver a more comprehensive and beneficial learning experience to children, I am asking our teachers to stop posting the learning resources that they have been placing on their class pages. For guidance on what your children should be learning, by subject, please refer to your child’s class curriculum map which is attached to the class page. The links for the above platforms will be clearly listed at the top of each class page.


Our Nursery and Reception class will continue to use Purple Mash (Mini Mash) and will not be using the new platforms. Please continue to support your child's learning and the teachers by completing any set work.


I really hope that you make the most of these learning opportunities as it is vital that we keep our children moving forward with their knowledge across all subject areas. Please ensure that your children are engaging in some form of learning daily combined with at least 20 minutes of reading. I will keep you all updated on any new initiatives that will support families further as and when they become available. Have fun and stay safe!

Kind regards

Mr Moore

MFL Spanish Foundation Learning

Language Angels: 

Spanish Home School Learning


The Home School site is a stripped back version of the normal site. Pupils will have access to a selection of units (each containing 5 lessons, no assessment etc.) which they will be able to use to continue their foreign language learning at home. They will have a PowerPoint, some printable worksheet activities, karaoke songs and access to the interactive games area.

We have divided the units into 3 different levels of challenge to make it easier for pupils to pick the units that best suit the level of challenge and stretch they are looking for.




The site is simple to use.

1. Go to

2. Click LOGIN in the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select the HOME SCHOOL option.


5. Select the UNIT you want.

6. Select your LESSON and click START LESSON. 

7. Enjoy learning using all the resources provided in your lesson.

8. Click BACK TO DASHBOARD to select your next lesson.




You can watch a video of how easy the site is to use by clicking the link below:



Your school login details