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Four Swannes Primary School

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

School Logo

Four Swannes Primary School

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging


Who's Who


Mr A Moore


Deputy Headteacher

Mr J Sadler


School Business Manager

Ms L O'Connor


Leadership Team

Mr A Moore - Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) )

Mr J Sadler - Deputy Headteacher (DSP/Curriculum Lead/SENDCo/ECT Mentor)

Ms L O'Connor - School Business Manager (DSP)

Mrs A Attridge - EYFS Manager / Nursery Teacher / IT subject leader/ECT Mentor

Mrs T Byrne Brown - Year R Teacher/ Maths subject leader

Ms C Steel - Year 3 Teacher/ English subject leader/Wellbeing lead/ECT Mentor




Mr J Sadler


Mrs  A Attridge - Nursery Teacher / EYFS Manager / IT subject leader / SLT

Mrs T Byrne Brown - Reception Teacher/Maths subject lead/SLT

Mrs F El-Atarchi - EYFS Teaching Assistant




Key Stage 1


Ms S Ertac - Year 1 teacher/Humanities subject leader

Miss C Sheaf - Year 1 TA


Miss Volkan  - Year 2 teacher/Music subject leader

Mrs Z Fitzwater - Year 2 TA


Key Stage 2


Miss S Rasa  - Year 3  teacher

Mrs S Spears - Year 3 TA


Miss D Ucrak - Year 4 Teacher

Miss K Allsop- Year 4 TA


Mr G Phillips - Year 5  teacher / Science subject leader 

Mrs A Cunningham - Year 5 TA


Mrs C Steel - Year 6 teacher / English subject leader / Wellbeing lead / SLT

Mrs S Dhanjal - Year 6 TA




Office Manager

Mrs L Horvath


Attendance Officer

Mrs V Crowhurst


Site Manager

Mrs P Boultwood


Mid Day Supervisary Assistant

Mrs A Nowinska -MSA

Mrs Y Young - MSA

Mrs M Amico - MSA



Wrap Aroung Care Staff

MS S James

Mrs F El-Atarchi



Mrs M Amico

Mrs Y Young

Mrs A Nowinska


Kitchen Staff

Miss S Eve - Cook

Miss J Street - Assistant Cook

Mrs V Brenchley - General Assistant