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Year 4DU

Welcome to Year 4

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 4!

Class Teacher: Miss D Ucrak

Teaching Assistant: Miss K Allsop

September 2022

Week beginning 26.09.22

We enjoyed acting out the story of Venus today in English. This will help us to remember the story in preparation for our own piece of writing.


Week beginning 19.09.22


In English, we have been learning about Roman Gods and Godesses. We chose some interesting vocabulary from the text and discussed their meanings. We are also looking at similes and metaphors and how we can use these to enhance our writing.

In Science, we are continuing to look at how we can sort living things into groups.



Week beginning 12.09.22

Year 4 have settled in really well to the new term. In music, we enjoyed learning the ABBA song 'Mamma Mia'. We started by clapping out the beat and then vocal warm up exercises before learning the lyrics. We have just started our new science topic of 'living things and their habitats', learning how to sort living things into a Venn Diagram.

In PE, with Mrs Alcock, we have started Hockey, learning how to dribble the ball and change direction. 



In History, we're looking at the local area, so Year 4 took a walk into Waltham Cross to have a look at the different buildings there and how the land is used. We then returned to class to compare what we'd seen to how it looked in the past.

A massive well done to the Year 4 children who have attended after school Maths clubs this term! You've all done a super job improving your mental addition and subtraction.

Year 4 put their knowledge of 12 and 24 hour clock times to the test today with a tricky tarsia puzzle! The aim was to match up the clock times to create a triangle.

Year 4 have been enjoying Sports Week with daily morning workouts from the Body Coach Joe Wicks! We've been working on our fitness and stamina and improving a little bit every morning.

In Maths today, the children were challenged to make 3D shapes out of salt dough and then investigate their properties. Some of the shapes (such as the square based pyramid) were really tricky but they didn't give up!

Year 4 continued with their topic of 'Electricity' in Science by making their own switches today : with no help from Ms. Steel! They interpreted their instructions and worked well in their groups to build four different types of switch.

Happy Jubilee Day from Year 4!

Year 4 working hard to practice for their times tables check, which is taking place in June.

Year 4 had a chance to experiment with circuits today as part of their Science lesson. They connected bulbs, buzzers and motors and worked really well together. Well done!

Year 4 singing and playing along to 'Blackbird' by the Beatles in their music lesson.

Here are some of our finished pouches : we hope you like them!

Our current topic in Science is 'sound' and today, we were investigating pitch and amplitude using different instruments. The class started to make their own pan pipes out of different lengths of straws.

This afternoon, the class started making their pouches in DT and got to use Ms. Steel's sewing machine! Everyone was very careful and listened to instructions really well. The pouches are looking great!

Year 4 had a great time creating plants for a STEM project this afternoon. They could only use 4 pieces of scrap paper and no glue!

We kicked off Science Week in Year 3 and 4 with a live lesson about life cycles this morning. The children learned about the life cycles of cows and sheep from farmers who work with these animals every day.

Eugenie acted as the teacher this morning to inspire the children for this week's 'Big Write'!

Fantastic Fractions!


Year 4 have been working really hard on their understanding of fractions over the last couple of weeks. They've worked hard to learn how to find fractions of an amount using counters and also how to apply their understanding of times tables to help them. Today, we looked at finding fractions of shapes and writing our own word problems.

It has been great to see so many children persevering, even when they found the work tricky. Keep up the good work Year 4!

Year 3 and 4 are busy preparing for our Christmas performance

During RE day today year 4 had a visit from a donkey who had lost Mary and Joseph.

We have had a great day today! RE day!  We joined together with year 3 to make the shape of a cross. Did you know that some churches were built in the shape of a cross?

Year 4 visited The North Enfield Foodbank as part of their RE curriculum.  They had a great day learning about the food items, being amazed by the warehouse and helping to make up food parcels for those in need.  They learned from Kerry the Food bank manager that Christians often feel that they want to help those around them - regardless of their beliefs and background- to show God's love for the world. 

Please refer to the Home Learning section of the school website for information on home learning support. Follow the links to the education resources to support your child. Please try to ensure that your child fully engages with these learning opportunities. Remember any lessons should be supported with at least 20 minutes of reading every day.

Corona Virus - A Book For Children

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Managing the transition to home schooling

WB 20.4.20


Welcome back to home schooling! I hope you managed to have an enjoyable Easter.


I have attached some resources to support your child's English and maths learning this week.


Please continue with the next set of weekly spellings, science lesson and topic lesson (twinkl) Of course, you can refer to other child friendly websites too.


It is important that your child uses Matheletics and completes the tasks set and reads for a minimum of 20 minutes daily.





WB 30.3.2020



This week, we will be continuing with DECIMAL NUMBERS and you should focus on the following with your child:

  • Formal written addition & subtraction (using decimals)


I have put questions on Mathletics to support this objective but please refer to the other websites (including Twinkl and Primary Resources) to find activities for your child to practice.



Your child should have researched an animal of their choice in note form. It’s now time to start organising this information into paragraphs and write detailed sentences. Your child should try to use the following skills within their writing:

  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Apostrophes for possession

Spellings – Week 2 (attached)

Reading – Every day for 20 minutes



Continue with Electricity. Use Twinkl – Electricity Year 4 – Lesson 2



Continue with the Ancient Egyptians. In your child’s own words, they should explain the mummification process. They could draw diagrams too. Perhaps, your child might like to make their own mummy!

WB 23.3.2020

Year 4



In maths this week, we will be introducing DECIMAL NUMBERS and you should focus on the following with your child:

  • Place value with decimal numbers (understanding the worth of each number)
  • Ordering decimals numbers up to 2 decimal places  (EG order the numbers from greatest to smallest: 7.36 8.36 8.46 7.37 8.45)
  • Estimating decimal numbers on number lines
  • Rounding decimals to the nearest whole number (2.86 = 3)


I have put questions on Matheletics to support these objectives but please refer to the other websites (including Twinkl and Primary Resources) to find activities for your child to practise.




In English, we will be beginning to look at non-chronological reports. I have attached a PowerPoint to help you. Your child should use this week to research an animal of their choice, putting the information you find into 4 sections (EG Appearance, Habitat, Diet & Characteristics). These only need to be written in note form, we are NOT writing the report this week.

Grammar for this week – apostrophes for possession

Spellings – Week 1 (attached)

Reading – Every day for 20 minutes



Our new topic for science is Electricity. Use Twinkl – Electricity Year 4 – Lesson 1



We are continuing with the Ancient Egyptians. This week focus on the Ancient Egyptian Gods. There are also lots of art and craft activities linking to our topic should your child like to have a go.


Ancient Egyptian Day


Year 4 had a wonderful day learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We had the opportunity to find out about their daily life, religion, culture and language. Without a doubt, the most exciting part of the day was carrying out the mummification process on a Pharaoh. Gruesome!

Welcome To Year 4

We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in year 4!

Class Teacher: Mrs C Kalli

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Ward

World Book Day


Year 4 had lots of fun this year dressing up as their favourite book character. We also drew them and wrote character descriptions using exciting vocabulary!

World Book Day

Saint Albans Museum and Gallery


We visited the Saint Albans Museum and Gallery to find out more about our topic the Ancient Egyptians. We took part in a workshop where we dressed up as Ancient Egyptians and looked at real life artefacts.