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Nursery AA

Welcome To Nursery Class


We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in Nursery.

Class Teacher: Mrs Attridge 

Teaching Assistant: Miss C Sheaf

Nursery 2022- 2023

Welcome to the Nursery Class Page.



We have made new friends this week in nursery. We have enjoyed reading our favourite stories to each other.

We have started to identify what our names begin with and during arts and craft we created this wonderful piece of work. We practise to write our names and then decorated the first letter of our names. 

What we have enjoyed this week (19/09/22)

Outdoor Play

We have had lots of fun in the garden this week (12/09/22). On Friday we had an obstacle course get round, we all liked the tunnel. smiley


We hope you all have a wonderful summer and see some of you in September in nursery. Good luck in reception!

Here are some of things we have been getting up to recently in nursery.

Wimbledon day!


We had a wimbledon day at school as the finals were coming up:


  • We watched a short slideshow about wimbledon. What it is, what they do.
  • The children used their fine motor skills to play 'pacman' which was a tennis ball capturing objects. The children then had to count how many their pac man had.
  • We coloured in some wimbledon sheets. The children said 'the tops need to be white not red'.
  • We then spent some of the day in the garden using a tennis racket and a tennis ball.


We said goodbye to the butterflies!


We sadly said goodbye to our butterflies as they were ready to be free!

The butterflies went onto the children's hands/clothes before they flew off.

Update on the butterflies!


Miss Sheaf brought in some buddleja from her garden. The butterflies were attracted to the flower straight away!


Still image for this video

We have butterflies!


Over the weekend the butterflies have started to emerged from their chrysalides.

We currently have 6 butterflies and we are waiting for 3 more!

Here is a few photos and videos!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Update on the caterpillars!


Over the weekend, the caterpillars had wriggled their way up to the lid and become chrysalides.

They will be chrysalides up to 2 weeks, they are doing an amazing transformation.

I wonder what they are doing?

If you would like to ask your child what do they think is happening and let us know smiley


Here is a little video and update on photos!


Still image for this video
We moved the chrysalides from the cups to the chrysalis station.

Living things!


As you are aware we said goodbye to the chicks a few weeks ago. But now we have had a special delivery of....


It has been fascinating watching them grow so quickly in just 2 weeks. We will keep you posted on their growth. Here is a few photos of them so far.

Jubilee day


During the week leading up to the Jubilee we have been very busy in nursery.

We have been:

  • Painting a cake that we have made using modrock
  • Our Jubilee Queens with the children sitting on the 'red throne' with their cake
  • Recreating Buckingham Palace using duplo and placing a flag on top
  • Jubilee party where we all sat down and celebrated the Jubilee



We said goodbye to the chicks!sad



We have been learning about the life cycle of living things. First we had living eggs and we were very lucky to see the chicks hatch! We looked after them for 7 days and then said goodbye to them as they were taken back to a farm.

Chicks Come To Four Swannes


The children in the nursery have been very eggcited this week. We have been very lucky to observe tiny chicks hatch out of their egg shells. There are 9 eggs and 7 have hatched. 

World Book Day 2022

Nursey Class 2021


Welcome to Our Nursery Class Page. Have a look at some of the fun things we have been up to in class this term so far...

Sports - here are a few races nursery had done for sports day.

Dinosaur eggs - we have been really enthusiastic with dinosaurs since we went to Paradise Wildlife Park, we decided to create our own dinosaur eggs.

Garden fun - we have been interested in heights and building with construction. As its summer, we have been playing with the sand. We have been really engrossed in a game called 'the floor is lava' where the children have built their own obstacle course so they do not touch the ground (lava). We have been role playing being builders and firefighters with the hose. A few of us had a walk on the field where we spotted apple trees, a bridge where we recreated 'the 3 billy goats gruff' story!

Sunflowers - Nursery had planted sunflower seeds and we have been investigating how much they have grown

Classroom fun - Here is a few photos of what nursery have been getting up to this term. We've been really interested in making potions, drawing pictures and practicing writing our names. We really love dancing together!

Corona virus - A Book For Children

Phonics activities - after watching videos on espresso