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Welcome To Nursery Class


We hope you enjoy seeing our fantastic learning in Nursery.

Class Teacher: Mrs A Attridge 


Nursery 2023- 2024

Welcome to the Nursery Class Page.


W/b 13th - 17th May 2024 - This week we said goodbye to our butterflies as they finally emerged form their chrysalis.

Wb 7th - 10th May 2024 - This week we cut our cress and made some egg or cheese sandwiches and then added some cress. We all enjoyed them!

29th April - 3rd May 2024


This week we have been reading the story of Errol's Garden. He wanted a garden so badly but lived in a block of flats. One day Errol discovered a roof garden. This week like Errol we have been planting seeds. We are patiently waiting for our cress seeds to grow! 

26th April 2024 - This week we celebrated Earth Day - Earth painting and Earth weaving.

19th April 2024 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar - There has been much excitement in Nursery this week with the arrival of our caterpillars.

28th March 2024


This week in Nursery we have had lots of fun celebrating Easter. We made Easter cards, we had an egg hunt around the classroom and read lots of lovely Easter stories. We hope you all have a fantastic Easter Break and see you back at school on Monday 15th April 2024. 

22nd March The Three Little Pigs - This week we made a house for the wolf to blow down , made story stones and counted objects from the story.

15th March Red Nose Day - Today we used a mashcam to give a Red Nose Day disguise, can you tell who is who!

13th March Maths Morning - We had lots of fun when our parents came in for maths morning.

7th March World Book Day

13th February Pancake Day Fun!

30th January - This week we read the story of the Gingerbread Man - We made gingerbread men and even retold the story.

15th January - The Princess and the Pea - We made Pea soup and tested our bed to see if we could feel the pea.

December 18th - Merry Christmas Everyone. We had lots of fun at school this week. We loved visiting Santa in his Grotto!

December 11th - The Jolly Christmas Postman, we used our words to describe where to find the book characters.

4th December - Letters to Santa, This week we wrote our letters to Santa

27th November - Meg's Castle, We made Meg's Owl friend

20th November St George and the Dragon - We made amour for our soft toys in the Nursery.

Week Beginning 13th November 2023


What a busy week we had at school. Firstly showing awareness of anti- bullying week by wearing our odd socks, then our families came to school to see all the brilliant maths work for Maths week and finally ending the week by wearing our PJs to school to raise money for BBC Children in need!

Rememberance Day

November 10th 

Today we made handprint poppies to mark Remembrance Day. We discussed why people wear poppies and who we are remembering when we wear them. 

November 3rd 


What a colourful week we have had lots of firework stories and painting.

20th October 

All things Spooky! Our book this week was Funnybones. We enjoyed dancing and singing to the bones song and we made our own spooky town. 

6th October 2023

This week we have been learning all out Owl babies. We learnt anout nocturnal animals and sorted them in to groups. We also celebrated Harvest Festival and enjoyed exploring all the cereals that are grown on the farm. 


This week we have been continuing with our book My Mum and Dad make me laugh. We have looked at repeating patterns and patterns all around us. We even tried wrapping some presents up with patterned paper. 

22.9.23- My Mum and Dad make me laugh.

This week we have been reading the book my Mum and Dad make me laugh. We have been talking about what makes us laugh! We all think our parents are funny and like to make us laugh!

15.9.23 This week we looked very closely at faces and drew a self portrait. 


This week we have been getting used to returning to school and our new classroom. We have enjoyed playing in the new mud kitchen outside and enjoying the lovely weather!




Archive Nursery





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Dear Zoo (W/b 19th June)

This week in nursery we have done:

  • Read Dear Zoo and other zoo based stories
  • Play who am I?
  • Play what scary animal am I?
  • Match the patterns to the correct animal
  • Created own zoo using happyland and blocks
  • Dancing
  • Observed the chrysalises


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The Curious Caterpillar (w/b 5th June-15th June)

In nursery we have learnt this week:

  • Read the Twinkl story of 'the curious caterpillar
  • Created our own puppets to recreate the story
  • The butterfly life cycle
  • Butterfly bingo
  • Using our ICT skills, coloured in a caterpillar on the screen
  • Using junk modelling created our own caterpillars
  • Got our own caterpillars, we have 6!
  • Created our own butterflies
  • Practised for our assembly
  • Did our assembly
  • Read lots of caterpillar stories

What we showed in assembly as walking in

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Caterpillars (2).mp4

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Mental Health Week 15/5/23


This week nursery have done:

  • Every day we have done a Joe Wicks workout for wellbeing
  • Spoke about worries
  • Made a jar of things we love and grateful for
  • Met nurseries worry monster
  • Had different jars and placed pompoms to represent our worries
  • Spoke about feelings
  • Read and talked about the worry books (Ruby's worry, The Worry-assrus, The worry tiger, The Drama Llarma)
  • Created worry monsters for nursery classroom to eat our worries away


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Coronation weeks (2nd-12th May)


For the past 2 weeks nursery have done:

  • What a coronation is
  • Books on the coronation and King Charles
  • Created crowns for our coronation party at school
  • Iced biscuits
  • Created decorations for the coronation party
  • Made King Charles stained glass windows
  • Dress up as Kings and Queens
  • Red, white and blue pom poms sorting by colour and size
  • Colouring-ins of the coronation
  • Had a party
  • Looked at different photos of King Charles throughout his life
  • Red, white and blue coloured rice
  • Spoke about the coronation and if we watched it on tv
  • Listened to the national anthem 'God save our King'
  • Spoke about the golden coach
  • Spoke about the crown


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This wee we have read the stories of Jack and the Beanstalk and Jaspers Beanstalk. We also have planted our own beans in the hope that they will grow into our own beanstalk very soon! 


St George's Day 

We hope you've all had a lovely Easter break! We would like to welcome all of our new children who have started this week. They have settled really well and adapted to the new routine! Well done!

In nursery this week we have:

  • Created a castle for our role play area
  • Counted the dragons eggs
  • Read lots of stories based on dragons or St George (zog, George and the dragon, Puff the magic dragon)
  • Using our ICT skills we coloured in St George and the dragon
  • We've danced go nursery rhymes
  • We've played with the instruments
  • Practising our cutting skills to cut around the dragon
  • Painted shields
  • Built castles using the duplo
  • Coloured in St George and the dragon with colouring pencils

st g.mp4

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Have a good Easter!


Easter w/c 27/03/23


This week in nursery we have been:

  • Made salt dough hot cross buns
  • Painted the hot cross buns
  • Sold our hot cross buns in our shop
  • Easter bunny games
  • Role played as an Easter bunny
  • Using our fine motor skills we used pegs, pom poms and paint to create pictures
  • Read lots of Easter themed stories
  • Tried hot cross buns
  • Easter hunt
  • Easter egg tissue paper pictures


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Easter week beginning 20/03/23


This week nursery have been:

  • Making Easter eggs out of clay
  • Paint the Easter eggs out of clay
  • Spider web, save Easter!
  • Using their fine motor skills they created an Easter egg
  • Read a variety of Easter themed stories
  • Drew Easter pictures on the table
  • Easter board games
  • Matching the numbers to the chicks
  • Tissue paper Easter eggs
  • Rice Easter egg in tuff tray


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Science Week 13/03/2023

This week in nursery we have been busy doing:

  • Been doing Science experiments throughout the week 
  • Went on a walk around the school grounds to find bugs for the nature detectives 
  • During the confusing can experiment we had to think what was inside the cans (which had missing labels) to match them to the ones that had labels
  • During the wildlife faces the children had to match the faces up of the wildlife
  • Magic painting where we used wax candles to create a picture then using the paint (making it watery) painting over the crayons
  • We watched how daffodils grow

Science week 13/02/2023

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w/b 6th March 2023

World Book Week (w/b 27/02/23)


This week in nursery we have been doing:

  • Read different stories from the Book Day tokens
  • Created a spider from one of the books
  • Created our own book cover
  • Created a start of a whole school story
  • Created our own book marks
  • Spoke about our favourite stories and why
  • Dressed up for World Book Day and brought in stories
  • Did the 'Joe Wicks Burpee Bears' workout
  • Created our own story spoons
  • Did a pictogram of our favourite Nursery book
  • Came to Nursery in our pyjamas for the Bedtime with Burpee Bears story

world book day.mp4

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Pancake week (21/02/23)


This week in nursery we have been:

  • Tracing pancake pattern
  • Pancake tuff tray
  • Cutting and sticking what toppings we would like on our pancakes
  • Cutting out toppings to create faces on our pancakes
  • Read stories related to pancake day
  • Cutting ingredients what we would like on our pancakes to eat
  • Spoke about pancake day
  • Spoke about pancakes the next day too!

Week Beginning 21st February - Pancake Week!

7th February 2023 Safer Internet Day - We read the story of the screen thief and talked about how to be safe online.

Welcome to the baby clinic w/b 30/1/23

Week beginning 23/01/23


This week in nursery we have learned about Chinese New Year and:

  • Read stories of Chinese New Year stories
  • How people celebrate Chinese New Year
  • Small world acting out the story of 'how the animals ran the race to have a year name'
  • Talk about the different animals for each year
  • Lets move Chinese New Year
  • Chinese numbers in rice
  • Made a Chinese stir fry
  • Chinese New Year symbol painting rabbits
  • Messy play noodles
  • Messy play rice

Week beginning 16.01.22


In nursery this week we have been:

  • Practising writing our names
  • Exploring musical instruments
  • Had year 2 come in and read to us
  • Discussed who are the people who help us
  • Using our ICT skills created a photo who we wanted to be when we grow up
  • Listened to stories about people who help us
  • Using Happyland buildings and the people to sort out who goes where (police officer to the police station)
  • Using our fine motor skills got the frogs to jump into the pond
  • Dancing to move it and freeze


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Happy New Year!


We hope you've all had a lovely half term!

We have had lots of new friends join our nursery class and have settled in very well!

Here is what we've been up to this week (9/1/23):


  • Been using our fine motor skills to create lovely patterns
  • Used our 'hot chocolate' station
  • Making our letter of the week in the foam
  • Read our story of the week 'stick man'
  • Went on a stick hunt
  • Created our own stick men and retold the story
  • Collaborated drawing of stick men
  • Using our ICT skills we created our own stick man 'tree house'
  • Created buildings with duplo
  • Cut out the stick family and arranged in size order
  • Used our imagination and used the k'nex
  • Practised using stencils
  • Bubbles
  • Investigated outdoor objects



Nursery enjoyed their Christmas party playing party games and having a dance. They then had party food


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year!



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Throughout December


During December nursery have been extremely busy. We have done:

  • Made up stories in our winter wonderland tuff tray 
  • Unwrapped a present a day and listened to a different Christmas story
  • Wrote our own Christmas cards
  • Posted our Christmas cards in our Christmas post box
  • Count down how many days until Christmas
  • Finding the numbers on our happy land advent calendar
  • Playing Christmas games
  • Made our own reindeer food
  • Made our own Christmas decorations
  • Spoke about the Nativity story and the characters in the story
  • Using our ICT skills to create our own calendar
  • Sung Christmas songs
  • Christmas dress up
  • Made Christingles and some of our afternoon children attended the Christingle service
  • Spoke about what we did on our snow day
  • Spoke about what we wear in winter
  • Jolly Christmas postman
  • Watched a video 'what happens to letters once posted'
  • Created our own grotto
  • Snowball throwing game


Winter and Hannukah (w/b 28/11/22)


Nursery have had a very busy week this week. We have done:

  • Read stories (Eight nights, eight light. The Christmas pine.)
  • Wrote our letters to Santa
  • Had a walk to the post box and posted our letters to Santa
  • Let's move winter
  • Decorated the class Christmas tree
  • Cut and stuck our nativity scene down
  • Read the eBook of the nativity story
  • We read the story 'Hetty's Hannukah'
  • Played the game 'dreidel'
  • Counting the candles on the Menorah
  • Handprint Menorahs
  • Looked and role played with the Kippur's
  • Created our Menorahs on the smart board

World Cup (w/b 21/11/22)


World cup has come to nursery this week! We've had a very busy week. Nursery have done:

  • Football peg numbers - matching the correct number to the football object on the card
  • Football players colouring in
  • Created our own football kit
  • Played football bingo
  • Read football related stories (Hey Duggee-The football badge, Mr Men-The big match and Spot plays football)
  • Using the happy land characters they had a football match
  • Football maze (using our fine motor skills we practised with a whiteboard pen to complete the maze)
  • We created our own players to play football with and the happy land characters were our supporters
  • We spoke about all the different countries who are in the World Cup and what their flags looked like
  • We created our own flags

Children In Need (w/b 14/11/22)


This week in nursery we have been doing lots of fun activities for Children In Need. We have done:


  • Read the story 'Pudsey's Great Fundraiser' eBook
  • The children retold the story using the props
  • Spoke about why we support Children In Need
  • Colouring in Pudsey on the smart board
  • Colouring in Pudsey pictures
  • Counting the bears on the Pudsey paddle boards
  • Pudsey bear ice tuff tray
  • Sold our chocolates on our stall for our fundraiser
  • Made Pudsey chocolates for our fundraiser

Children in Need Cake sale Friday after Morning Nursery and end of school both cost £1

Remembrance (w/b 7/11/22)


This week nursery have had a very busy week. We have been:


  • Investigating the curiosity cube
  • Spoke about why we have Remembrance Day
  • Read the stories 'where the poppies grow' and 'little people big dreams: Captain Tom Moore'
  • Putting the correct pegs on the number poppies
  • Using our fine motor skills, we have used tweezers to grab the pom-poms to place onto the poppies
  • Explored different texture poppy in the tuff tray
  • Used loose parts to create poppies
  • Made our own poppy wreaths
  • Made poppy biscuits
  • On Remembrance Day (11/11/22) nursery went outside to pay our respects and do the minute silence with the rest of the school and parents

Fireworks (w/b 31/10/22)



This week nursery have been:

  • Discussing what fireworks are
  • Why we celebrate bonfire night
  • Read the story 'sparks in the sky'
  • How to be safe around firework
  • Why we celebrate fireworks 
  • Moved like fireworks in PE
  • Created our own fireworks painting
  • Made s'mores
  • Had a 'bonfire'
  • Sung bonfire nursery rhymes

Black History (w/b 17/10/22)


This week nursery have been learning all about black history. We have also been learning about Madagascar. Here is what we have been getting up to this week:

  • Read different stories to celebrate black history
  • Look at the patterns of braided hair
  • Re-create our own patterns our head cut outs
  • African patterns and creating our own
  • What animals are from Africa
  • Created our own African animal silhouettes
  • Matching the silhouettes to the African animals

RE day


We celebrated the Jewish festival of 'Sukkot'.

We decorated our own Sukkah by cutting our own bunting and creating a paper chain. Once it was decorated we ate our snack under the Sukkah just like the Jewish people do during the festival.

Harvest festival


This week in nursery we have learnt about:

  • What happens at harvest time
  • Sorting harvest game
  • Listening to a range of harvest stories
  • Harvest printing of different fruit and vegetables
  • Listened to the harvest song
  • Went on a fruit and vegetable hunt
  • We went to the hall to see all the donations that were going to the foodbank


Here is a few photos of what we have done this week for Harvest smiley

Harvest festival

We enjoyed decorating biscuits for the Macmillian coffee morning.


We have made new friends this week in nursery. We have enjoyed reading our favourite stories to each other.

We have started to identify what our names begin with and during arts and craft we created this wonderful piece of work. We practise to write our names and then decorated the first letter of our names. 

What we have enjoyed this week (19/09/22)

Outdoor Play

We have had lots of fun in the garden this week (12/09/22). On Friday we had an obstacle course get round, we all liked the tunnel. smiley


We hope you all have a wonderful summer and see some of you in September in nursery. Good luck in reception!

Here are some of things we have been getting up to recently in nursery.

Wimbledon day!


We had a wimbledon day at school as the finals were coming up:


  • We watched a short slideshow about wimbledon. What it is, what they do.
  • The children used their fine motor skills to play 'pacman' which was a tennis ball capturing objects. The children then had to count how many their pac man had.
  • We coloured in some wimbledon sheets. The children said 'the tops need to be white not red'.
  • We then spent some of the day in the garden using a tennis racket and a tennis ball.


We said goodbye to the butterflies!


We sadly said goodbye to our butterflies as they were ready to be free!

The butterflies went onto the children's hands/clothes before they flew off.

Update on the butterflies!


Miss Sheaf brought in some buddleja from her garden. The butterflies were attracted to the flower straight away!


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We have butterflies!


Over the weekend the butterflies have started to emerged from their chrysalides.

We currently have 6 butterflies and we are waiting for 3 more!

Here is a few photos and videos!


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Still image for this video


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Update on the caterpillars!


Over the weekend, the caterpillars had wriggled their way up to the lid and become chrysalides.

They will be chrysalides up to 2 weeks, they are doing an amazing transformation.

I wonder what they are doing?

If you would like to ask your child what do they think is happening and let us know smiley


Here is a little video and update on photos!


Still image for this video
We moved the chrysalides from the cups to the chrysalis station.

Living things!


As you are aware we said goodbye to the chicks a few weeks ago. But now we have had a special delivery of....


It has been fascinating watching them grow so quickly in just 2 weeks. We will keep you posted on their growth. Here is a few photos of them so far.

Jubilee day


During the week leading up to the Jubilee we have been very busy in nursery.

We have been:

  • Painting a cake that we have made using modrock
  • Our Jubilee Queens with the children sitting on the 'red throne' with their cake
  • Recreating Buckingham Palace using duplo and placing a flag on top
  • Jubilee party where we all sat down and celebrated the Jubilee



We said goodbye to the chicks!sad



We have been learning about the life cycle of living things. First we had living eggs and we were very lucky to see the chicks hatch! We looked after them for 7 days and then said goodbye to them as they were taken back to a farm.

Chicks Come To Four Swannes


The children in the nursery have been very eggcited this week. We have been very lucky to observe tiny chicks hatch out of their egg shells. There are 9 eggs and 7 have hatched. 

World Book Day 2022

Nursey Class 2021


Welcome to Our Nursery Class Page. Have a look at some of the fun things we have been up to in class this term so far...

Sports - here are a few races nursery had done for sports day.

Dinosaur eggs - we have been really enthusiastic with dinosaurs since we went to Paradise Wildlife Park, we decided to create our own dinosaur eggs.

Garden fun - we have been interested in heights and building with construction. As its summer, we have been playing with the sand. We have been really engrossed in a game called 'the floor is lava' where the children have built their own obstacle course so they do not touch the ground (lava). We have been role playing being builders and firefighters with the hose. A few of us had a walk on the field where we spotted apple trees, a bridge where we recreated 'the 3 billy goats gruff' story!

Sunflowers - Nursery had planted sunflower seeds and we have been investigating how much they have grown

Classroom fun - Here is a few photos of what nursery have been getting up to this term. We've been really interested in making potions, drawing pictures and practicing writing our names. We really love dancing together!

Corona virus - A Book For Children

Phonics activities - after watching videos on espresso